Whole Home DVR FAQ

DVR lovers were greeted early on that DVR service transformed their television experience.  No longer was TV watching limited by program times or bogged down with commercials – we simply were able to watch what we wanted when we wanted.  What’s in-store for Whole Home DVR (WH DVR) users?  On top of deciding when to watch your favorite programs WH DVR allows you to decide WHERE to watch those programs – providing whole-home access.  You have a single DVR playlist that is accessible from any of the TVs with set-top boxes in your home.

Pause a recorded show in the living room and pick up where you left off in the bedroom.  Set and manage recordings from non-DVR boxes.  Playback and delete those recordings on a second non-DVR box. Manage, control and ENJOY your DVR on every digital set-top box in the home.  You can control what and when – now control WHERE.

WH DVR provides the user whole-home access to set, play and manage recordings by networking all the boxes in the home together through Mitchell Telecom’s next generation network.

No.  The only set up needed is done from technicians at Mitchell Telecom’s office.  Installation will only be required if you are new to Mitchell Telecom service or wish to add a new set-top box.