Unable to hear sound or see a picture.


To correct this issue you must make sure that the Set Top Box is powered on and that your TV is tuned to the correct Channel or Video Input.

Set Top Box hooked up through Channel 3 or 4

To set the Set Top Box to the correct channel Press the TV button on the Set Top Box remote and then press 03 or 04.

Try both 03 and 04 until you see a picture on your TV.

*The Set Top Box will operate on either channel 3 or 4

Set Top Box Hooked up through a Video Input

To set the Set Top Box to the correct input Press the TV button on the Set Top Box Remote and then press the AV or Input button to cycle through the Video Inputs on your TV.  Go through the different inputs on your TV until you see a picture.

If you still do not have a picture

Once you have tried selecting the correct Channel or Input and still do not have a picture press the STB button on the Remote and then Press the Red Power Buttton on the remote to ensure that the Set Top Box is powered on. Verify that the Set Top Box is powered on and repeat the previous steps.


If you connect a new TV to your Digital TV Service you will need to program the remote for the brand of your new TV.

For instructions on programming your remote click above – How do I program my remote?

Typically this means the TV is set to Antenna rather than Cable.

– To change  this setting enter the MENU on the TV and make sure the INPUT is set to Cable.

– Once the input is changed to Cable the TV will need to be  Auto-Programmed to tune in all the Mitchell Telecom Channels. To do this access the Menu on the TV and Select Auto-Program or Channel Search. The TV will then scan for channels with content on them and remove channels with no content.

– Once complete the TV will be setup with all of the Mitchell Telecom channels that are available.

When this happens pull up the guide on the Digital TV Service by pressing the Guide button on the remote. Once the Guide pulls up verify that channel listing is set to ALL or SUBSCRIBED not FAVORITES.

This can be verified by looking at the green tab in the top left corner of the guide. If the Guide is set to Favorites press the Guide button until ALL or SUBSCRIBED shows in the green tab. This will take the Guide off the Favorite channels and bring back all of the Subscribed channels.

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