NEW: Elite Broadband Experience with Home WiFi powered by WiFi 6!

You can have the latest in WiFi technology, delivering 400 Mbps Up and Down, with Mitchell Telecom's WiFi 6. Find it in the Elite Broadband Experience and bundled in our Flex Packs.

Residential Internet

Buckle up – blazing FAST service priced at the BEST value makes Mitchell Telecom your PERFECT home for broadband Internet service. FREE Email Spam & Virus Filtering, FREE Email Addresses, FREE Web Space and NO Modem to Purchase or Rent every month!

On top of being the best value in Mitchell, we now offer Gigabit services throughout the community wherever our fiber network touches. If you need a connection that is 20 to 40 times faster than most broadband services in Mitchell, one that downloads hundreds of photos in a second or a HD movie in a half-minute, we have you covered.

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Elite Broadband $54.95/mo

- Up to 90 Mbps (Both Download & Upload)

- Email Virus + Spam Filtering

- 10 MBs of Web Space + Up to 5 Mailboxes


Gigabit Broadband $189.95/mo

Elite Broadband Experience $64.95/mo

Start With:

- Elite Broadband Service

- Home WiFi*

- Speed Boost: 120 Mbps (Down & Up)

Plus, Pick 1 Add-On:

- Additional Speed Upgrade: 250 Mbps

- 25 MB Home Office Connection

- Hardwired Connection To Gaming Console or Streaming Device

Want An Extra Add-On? Add $6/mo

- Ready for more speed? Add WiFi 6 (400Mbps up/down) for only $4/mo


Router Support & Care $7.95/mo

- Requires $125 one-time router purchase

- Included w/ all non-Home WiFi

- No Speed Upgrades Available

Basic Internet $36.95/mo

 - Requires Residential Telephone Service



Digital Television

Cable boxes that literally fit in the palm of your hand bring the top quality digital signal to your home. Over 150 Digital Video, Music and Premium Channels, along with hundreds of movies and events through Video On Demand and PVR service allows you to experience television entertainment like never before.

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Basic TV $68.95/mo

- Not available as a standalone service

- Local content on Channel 90

- 65+ Channels


Digital TV $78.95/mo


- Designed By Innovative Systems

- Second Chance TV, Restart DVR**, Local Weather Radar, Plus More!


DVR & HD Service (w/ Restart**) $9.00/mo

Additional HD/DVR Box $14.00/mo

Whole Home DVR $4.00/mo

Expanded DVR(4 Streams of Recording) $5.00/mo

Sports & Variety Additional Channels $12.00/mo

Single Service Install Fee (One-Time) $60.00




Building the Better Bundle

Getting all of your services from one provider, on one bill, with one call for all assistance provides greater savings and increased convenience. Bundles are tailored by the customer for the customer, allowing you to choose only the services and features you need.

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Basic Triple $122.00/mo

- Basic Phone + Elite Broadband + Basic TV


Flex Packs

2 Building Block Flex Pack - $109.00/mo

3 Building Block Flex Pack - $125.00/mo

Pick 2 or 3 Building Blocks:

- Elite Broadband Experience w/ Home WiFi*

- Digital TV Service

- Phone (Caller ID, Call Waiting & Voicemail)

Pick 1 Elite Broadband Experience Add-On:

- Additional Speed Upgrade: 250 Mbps

- 25 Mbps Home Office Connection

- Hardwired Connection To Gaming Console or Streaming Device

- Want More Add-Ons? Add $6/mo for each one!

- Ready for more speed? Add WiFi 6 (400Mbps up/down) for only $4/mo

Now, Pick 1 Additional Flex Pack Add-On:

- HD / DVR Upgrade

- 1 Premium Movie Suite (HBO, Starz!, Showtime, Cinemax)

- Unlimited Long Distance

- 2nd HD Box w/ Whole Home DVR

- Want More Add-Ons? Add $10/mo for each one!


Local & Long Distance Telephone Service

Get dependable phone service with a full slate of advanced features you know. Plus, try new features you may have never seen before like Find Me Ringing and Terminating Call Manager to make the service work for you. Add a simple, cost-effective calling plan tailored to your needs and you are ready to go. Choose the phone package for the most savings and get our most popular features Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voice Mail at no charge!

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MT Phone Package $24.95/mo

- Caller ID, Call Waiting & Voice Mail


Phone Smart $33.95/mo

- Add any feature FREE

- Caller ID on TV

- Voice Mail via E-Mail

Basic Phone Line $16.25/mo


Long Distance Options

 - Per Minute Long Distance: $0.08

- Unlimited Domestic Calling: $10.00



* Home WiFi requires $80 charge for setup + installation

** Not Available w/ All Channels or Programs


All pricing information is based on a monthly charge unless noted otherwise. Actual Internet throughput will vary due to server speeds, Internet traffic and other computer processing issues.

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8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday (thru lunch hour)



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