We appreciate your interest in potential employment here at Mitchell Telecom! What makes a company a great place to work, depends on what you are looking for – here’s a little bit about our culture…


Mitchell Telecom was a team founded to deliver the best customer experience in broadband, video and phone service in Mitchell. In our early years we spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how to exactly make good on that mission, but when we were able to finally leverage the right combination of people, innovation and superior service things started clicking for us.


Today, we work to deliver four core promises to our subscribers…


  1. We will be reliable. We’re focused on network uptime, responding to customer issues and providing a consistency that is needed by our subscribers.
  2. We will be innovative. We will continue to bring new products and services to Mitchell. We feel when we decide to stand still, we will start moving backwards.
  3. We will deliver superior customer service. We don’t just talk about service we live it, we track it and we work everyday to improve it.
  4. We will be more “Mitchell” than everybody else. Community is very important to us. Mitchell makes up 100% of our service area, so we have a vested interest in helping make Mitchell the best version of itself.


Our team has used these promises to develop a culture of building. Over half of our staff employed today goes back to the first two years of our operations, they were the very people that built our networks, services and process. Today, they continue that tradition by building a solid team environment that develops new and exciting networks platforms that will house the services of the future.


Finding, developing and keeping talent is a challenge. The way we are addressing that task is to offer great pay with outstanding benefits.


  • Holidays, Vacation, Personal and Sick Leave
  • Medical Insurance (including Prescription and Vision) and Dental Coverage – The company covers 80% of the premium costs
  • 401K Savings Plan with 5% Company Match
  • Personal Tech Fund
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Free and Discounted Broadband, Video and Phone Services


Currently there are no positions available. Check our site often for new postings.




Office Hours:

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Monday - Friday (thru lunch hour)



1691 N Main St

Mitchell, SD 57301