Let’s face it, your home broadband experience is basically tied to the performance of your Wi-Fi network. The exploding number of devices in the home (think: smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, streaming devices and a hundred other connected devices) is driving our dependence on that connectivity and for better or worse, for many customers their Wi-Fi connectivity IS their broadband connectivity.

The problem for many customers is their WiFi network is just too OLD SCHOOL, and the router is unable to manage the number of devices they ask it to and provide the increased range they want to use those devices within. Mitchell Telecom’s solution to that old school problem? Create the ULTIMATE WiFi EXPERIENCE with our Home WiFi service.

The Particulars…
• Dual Band AC Router w/ both 2.4 and 5G connectivity
• Installed, Managed & Supported by Mitchell Telecom’s WiFi experts
• Faster connectivity, better range, and the capacity to support more devices
• In other words, more bars in more rooms of your house!
• Starting at just $9.95/month or included as an optional upgrade in our Mitchell’s Choice Bundle ($100 One-Time Setup & Installation Charge)
PLUS, When you add Home WiFi to select bundles and packages, Mitchell Telecom increases your broadband speed to 100 MB up & 100 MB down – speed that is anything but old school!

Want more good news? The management of the new service allows our technicians to better address the obstacles in your home that may impact your Wi-Fi experience – interference, device issues and dead spots. The technicians can now use those tools to better place network elements that extend the reach and overall speed of your Wi-Fi network.

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